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The Company and the Chartered Accountant
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From tasks such as establishing the annual accounts to management consulting, company law, tax law, employee obligations, the chartered accountant is the company director's permanent source of advice.

He also gives an adapted response to different events in a company's life. Upon the request of the Managing Director, the chartered accountant can intervene in different domains :
Company Accounts

  • Implementation of adapted accounting procedure in the company

  • Advice concerning choice of software

  • Carrying out of /supervision of bookkeeping

  • Externalisation of administrative and accounting duties

  • Establishing monthly or quarterly reports

  • Maintenance of IT accounting :

  •   -  respect of accounting and management laws

      -  Security of IT systems

      -  Archives, evolution capacity

  • Annual accounts

  • Budget forecasts and discrepancy analysis

  • Calculation of costs and return and breakdown by activity

  • Implementation of analytical accounting
Company's legal obligations

  • Work law and employee management :

  •   -  Pay slips and social declarations

      -  Assistance with personnel management

      -  Implementation of adapted performance-related bonus, and pension plans

      -  Ensuring legal procedures are implemented and respected

  • Tax law :

  •   -  Establishing all tax declarations

      -  Optimisation of fiscal management

      -  Group fiscal management

      -  Assistance in the event of tax audit

      -  Representation in the event of dispute before the regional tax council and the reconciliation commission
         des impôts directs, devant la commission de conciliation...

  • Legal follow-up of the company's :

  •   -  Choice of legal status

      -  Assistance with formalities

      -  Assistance with preparation of company creation, increase of capital,
         and transfer

      -  Assistance with internal audit reporting
Company management

  • Management advice: help with setting up a company, handling investments, fixing and supervising budget, operating report...

  • Financial management advice: help with managing capital, raising capital and relations with banks and financial institutions...

  • Training: training programmes, help with recruitment

  • Advice to companies in financial difficulty: recovery plans, company re-organization

  • Export advice: searching for partners abroad, relations with financial institutions, market analysis...

  • Company evaluation: transfer of rights, capital contribution, succession, sharing, donations, transfers...
Company Information

The chartered accountant gives advice concerning the setting up of IT management systems :

  • Needs and opportunities analysis, programme adaptability.

  • Specifications development

  • Help with software choice...
Company audit

Apart from legal audits (legally attributed to auditors), the Chartered Accountant can perform audits in different business fields :

  • Audit of accounts for M.B.I and M.B.O...

  • Legal, fiscal and social audit...

  • Audit of IT systems...

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